What is HQ?

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What is HQ?

Message par warlock » 29 Janvier 2016 21:48

Hi all,

what do people here see as an HQ image? Some might say if one side of the image is more than 1000 pixels. What do you think? Did it change in the last years?

Thanks and credits to all original posters and scanners!
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Re: What is HQ?

Message par mcuir » 30 Janvier 2016 0:25

Thank you for your attention by your question
A moderator had told me last year that HQ = 1600 x 1600 or more

Here for example, viewtopic.php?f=1&p=172361#p172356 you have mixed the HQ and non hq;
but it would be better to meet the standards,
as stated the board administrator in the rules: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=23280#p142971
Neo79 a écrit :Obviously, post your messages in the appropriate sections.

So about your last post, it would be better to make two posts:
a post section HQ for HQ pictures, and another section non hq for non hq photos
and if in any section, the subject does not exist (as is the case with Hailey Clauson that does not exist in non hq section), you would have created!
But that's just my opinion, i'm not a moderator. -- By private message, I advise the administrator for answers to you!

Merci pour votre attention avec votre question!
Un modérateur m'avait dit l'an passé que HQ = 1600 x 1600 ou plus

Là par exemple, viewtopic.php?f=1&p=172361#p172356 vous avez mélangé les HQ et les non hq;
mais il vaudrait mieux respecter les normes,
comme le dit l'administrateur du forum dans les règles: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=23280
Neo79 a écrit :Bien évidemment, prenez soin de poster des contenus dans la section appropriée

Donc concernant votre dernier post, il aurait mieux valu faire deux posts:
un post en section HQ pour les photos HQ, et un autre en section non hq pour les photos non hq
et si dans une section, le sujet n'existe pas (c'est le cas pour Hailey Clauson qui n'existe pas en section non hq), vous l'auriez créé!
Mais ce n'est que mon avis, je ne suis pas modérateur - j'avise par message privé l'administrateur pour qu'il vous réponde!
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Re: What is HQ?

Message par Neo79 » 31 Janvier 2016 15:13

Hello @ all,

@warlock /

At first, you're right! The photo dissolution of HQ and not HQ is not written in our forum rules.
That has also a reason!

The development in the area of the photos, but also the videos, has become much better during the last years.
I mean not only the higher dissolution, also sharpness, contrast and all these things.

An example:
A photo, dissolution of 1500x1500, but blurred, low contrast... is this HQ? I don't think so!

But back to your question...

The minimum requirements for a HQ-photo should be:
a high dissolution (a basis of 1600x1600 is okay, higher is much better), but also color, contrast and sharpness are important.

I hope you understand my explanation.


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