h264 and hd channels

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h264 and hd channels

Message par lthfal » 15 Septembre 2014 15:10

first of all sorry for the use of English.

i have problems to display hd channels. it seems that the problem is the h264 codec. I tried to download something but I do not know if I downloaded the right codec.

anyone has any suggestions?

Thank you very much :lol:
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Talons Hauts
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Re: h264 and hd channels

Message par Lex » 15 Septembre 2014 23:17

Hi. ::indecis::

h264 is a specification.
It means there are several libraries that respect it. Here are some of them: Core AVC, Divx H.264 and x264 (an open source one). Recent Microsoft systems also have their own implementation.

Personnally, I use Divx H.264 for decoding and x264 for encoding.
Anyway, if you are looking for a good library, I suggest you use FFDshow.

A good reference page for the configuration I use is described in this tutorial.
It is in French, but the install part links to the right Software.
Voilà les liens pour mon site et mon Twitter.
J'ai aussi rédigé quelques tutoriels pour ceux qui voudraient se lancer dans la vidéo.
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Re: h264 and hd channels

Message par druide » 18 Novembre 2014 14:05

or SMplayer
lthfal a écrit :i have problems to display hd channels.

Sorry my mistake. Which TV-Software you use.
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